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Our Introduction

When you are in trouble and searching for someone to help you and tow your car as soon as possible, it creates a problem for others and blocks the traffic. In this scenario, Bills Mobile Hitches and Tow bar installation is your prior destination. You need to call our customer care will entertain you and respond to you in minimum time. We are located in Glendale. We ensure that safety and happiness are provided to you on time.

Bills Mobile Hitch and Tow Bar Installation is your helping partner, providing you with the best services in your bad situation. No matter whether your vehicle is mechanically disturbed during travelling or has an accident. We offer the best tow bar services and bring your vehicle to the garage safe and secure. Our ambition to provide quality-based work. Our certified professional team will entertain you in this regard and defining about all our services which will help you to choose the best one for your vehicle. After the finalization the tow system they use their strategies and experience to move on your faulty vehicle with safe and sound. When you are handover your vehicle it’s our responsibility to use such methodologies, which keep your vehicle scratch free.

Why should you choose us?

Bills Mobile Hitch and Tow Bar Installation is one of the leading companies in Glendale. Our precious asset is our customers. They make trust in us. In response, we give them the best services with extra care. Our expert team provides stability on the road, safety and weight balancing during travelling and guides you about all of our services, which are suitable in the towing process, at an affordable price.


The Important Services of Towing in Glendale

Tow Bars

Tow bars are the primary tool of towing, which are used to tow the vehicle safe and secure. It provides an extra safety due to its high strength rods. It is installed by professional to make a proper distance and balance for quickly tow the vehicle without disturbing others on the road. It also produces highly road grip and keep the faulty vehicle in lane. To analyse safety precautions, it provides the maximum safety on road. It is available in different weight capacities according to your vehicle. If you have a small vehicle, it is the best for you to keep it in your vehicle for an emergency.



It is the top secure tool used to tow your vehicle safely. Its knob on the front side takes safety to the next level. “Bills Mobile Hitch and Tow Bar Installation” provide this service with the help of our expert team. Our expert team make a proper balance between primary and out-of-order car in the towing process. Hitch is used when you pull a heavy-duty vehicle or other moveable object. It is also used to transform the heavy generators. Its reliability and strength make it suitable for towing systems. It is available in different weight capacities. A hitch is the best option.

Flat Tow Installations

Flat tow installation is the most common option for safely towing your vehicle. It has a triangle-shaped bar which fits properly behind the RV. Due to its triangle shape, it provides the maximum protection in the transportation. It needs to be installed professionally by keeping proper balancing to connect correctly with the primary vehicle and include road safety. A flat tow is the best option if you need to tow a small vehicle like an SUV or even an RV. I recommend taking it in a car and using it in an emergency. We sell these balanced tow setups, too.

Braking Systems

As soon as time changes, new technology is introduced in the market, which is helpful for us to save time and money. Because these are economical and provide extra safety in the towing process. “Bills mobile hitch and tow bar installation” provides brake system service, too. It is installed in a faulty vehicle and connected to the brake system of the primary vehicle. It offers the best safety through the travelling. When the primary vehicle applies the brake in some emergency, the result of the brake will apply to a faulty towing vehicle too. It benefits you if you need to go long distances and want to take more safety. Our experts installed a professional brake system and adjusted it in the faulty car so that it cannot cause problems with sitting.

Supplemental Braking System

A supplemental braking system is one of the best towing setups, which provides high-end security and helps you safely tow. It connects with the brake system and provides an on-the-spot stop when the primary vehicle applies the brake in some emergency. This supplemental braking system reduces jerking, and your luxury vehicle will be safe and secure. By using our supplemental braking system, you are not just pull the vehicle, you are pulling the confident. Our certified professional team installed it carefully. We know the value of your struggle to get this luxury vehicle. A supplemental braking system is the best option for you to tow your car with extra care.

Flat Towing

It is a well-known method for towing the vehicle with extra safe points. A hitch is installed in the middle of the primary vehicle, and a faulty car is loaded and bound with this hitch in the middle of the trailer. It is the safest method, which is used occasionally. For loading the vehicle, the primary vehicle should have high engine capacity, which can take it easily without disturbing the other cars on the road. It does not require anyone sitting in the vehicle to keep proper direction. Our professional will help out to provide this service at a low price. We ensure that your vehicle is in safe hands when you trust us, and in response, we offer you the best service and take the charge which will suit you and you will be comfortable.

Gooseneck Hitch

This type of hitch is used in heavy trucks. It provides a safe and secure connection between primary and faulty vehicles. It has some similarities with flat tow because it has a triangle shape. Due to the triangle shape, it is easy to make a strong bond between them. It is commonly used for industrial equipment transportation. Our expert team will entertain you in this regard, and you will gain maximum safety. An air jack valve is connected between the primary and faulty vehicle for more protection. It works when the preceding vehicle applies brakes in an emergency. The other car, which is attached behind it, feels it and gives a response on time.

Flat Tow Setup

A flat tow system is the most common and powerful option for towing the vehicle safely. It requires taking tow bars with base bars to build a solid connection to pull the car with an air pressure valve. It provides a smooth and safe tow of the vehicle. It requires a professional who properly sets up that tow system and adjusts the appropriate balance to move smoothly in the direction of the primary vehicle. The primary vehicle should be vital to pull the behind connected car easily. After the discussion with you, our certified professional team will cover your tow problem using a suitable tow setup. They will guide you about everything, and it will help you to make the right decision.

Welcome to Bills Mobile Hitches and Towbar Installation

We warmly to you on Bills Mobile Hitch Tow bar and Installation. This is your final destination, when you need to tow your faulty vehicle or a vehicle which is getting accident. Bills Mobile Hitch and Tow bar installation provide tow bar services with the help of expert team, which active all the time to give you quick response and provide the best results according to your situation. We provide services, even when you getting an accident and want to bring your vehicle to garage.


Bills Mobile Hitch Tow bar and Installation, your helping partner is available for your help just a call away. We provide different type of services as per your vehicle needs. Our equipment’s which we used in towing as well as on sale and on rent too on hourly basis. We survive in this market around several years and give the best results to our clients which never be forgot. Our mission is to provide best work for you.

Why we are unique?

Our first priority is our customer’s satisfaction. Therefore, they call us an emergency hero due to our quick response and provide best results on minimum weigh. We are not just providing services, we provide care and love to our customers. This feature makes us unique in this crowded market. If you want to purchase or at rent the equipment’s of towing system, we provide them at minimum cost. We also provide these rent services on hourly basis too.

Our top-rated services

Bills Mobile Hitch and tow bar Installation provide different type of services regarding to your vehicle weight and condition. Our top-rated services are described below with their characteristics and usage.

1: Tow Bar

Tow Bar is one of the basic tow tools which is used in towing. It has two high strength rods which are used to pull mechanically faulty car easily. We have different type of tow bars according to their weigh capacity. We also sale and on rent tow bars to our clients on a very low budget.


It is easily installed due to its two bars which are connected with the faulty vehicle and the knob is attached with primary vehicle. Faulty car is driven by primary vehicle with the help of tow bars smoothly and easily. It is used for towing small vehicle easily without any issue.

2: Hitches

Hitches are the updated version in the towing system. It has knob style which is connected with the primary vehicle for pulling the faulty vehicle properly. It is installed by professional to make a proper distance between faulty and primary vehicle with the proper balancing. In this case balancing with faulty vehicle is more important due to maintain safety on road.


Hitches can pull the AUV and SUV trailer. It needs to a professional to install properly to avoid any misshape on road. Long rods which are attached with the Hitches can pull the maximum load with the proper attachments. Long bars are attached with the primary vehicle and adjust enough distance to move properly. If you are good to fix it by yourself, we offer rental and purchasing instruments too on a very low cost.

3: Flat Tow Installation

Flat tow installation provides maximum safety in the towing system. Due to its three rods and of triangle shape provides smoothness on road. It is installed by professional to make a proper distance and fitting that provide best result on road with high level of safety. We provide flat tow setup on sale and on rent too in minimum price.


Three rods system which provide the best safety in towing. Flat tow is installed to insert the one road on faulty vehicle and to extensions rods which are helpful in the towing system and the joint of both extensions rods is attached with the primary vehicle. It is installed by professional person who make proper adjustment and balancing to provide maximum safety on road.

4: Braking system

Braking system is one of the best secure system which is used in towing. It is installed in the faulty vehicle which help out the vehicle to avoid jerking and provide smooth and extra protected travelling. Braking system is the safest procedure which we are done. It does not matter you need to go hills station or covering the long distance. It is beneficial for your luxury vehicle on all the routes.


It is used for getting extra safety in travelling. This brake system is installed in the faulty vehicle which is attached with the brake system of primary vehicle. To install this system you need an expert, who can adjust this system properly. It is showing the result when primary vehicle applies the brake in some emergency, the secondary vehicle or faulty vehicle also feel this brake due to this brake system and the result your luxury car will safe from jerking on the road.

5: Supplemental Braking system

Bills Mobile Hitch tow bar and Installation provide best supplemental braking system which provide extra security level in the towing procedure.  By using our supplemental braking system, you are not just to pull the vehicle, you pull the confident. We provide our all services on demand like if you need to purchase any of the towing system we are selling out on lowest price or if you need on rent, we have an option for this too.


Supplemental braking system is one of the best safeties provided system which help your luxury SUV vehicle tow safe and sound. It is installed by professional to make a proper distance and balancing with the primary vehicle. Our expert team provide this service on a very low cost and gives you the best work as compare to anyone.

6: Flat towing

Flat towing is the tradition method to tow the vehicle safe and sound. This procedure needs a team to pull up the faulty vehicle on the truck which is to load the faulty vehicle. It requires maximum safety to pull up the vehicle on the truck. This method provides maximum safety and bound from the middle of the vehicle which increase its protection in travelling.


For towing a faulty vehicle with extra protection is to load the car on the truck and move it towards garage. To follow this procedure, it requires an expert team who can load a faulty vehicle safely by using their experience. After the loading of the vehicle it is tie from the middle of the vehicle which support it tightly and give a valuable strength to bear the jerk of the road.

7: Gooseneck Hitch

Gooseneck Hitch is the top secure level of tow system. It is similar to flat tow system but it has the addition of the brake air valve system. Due to this system it provides maximum safety and road grip. It avoids the faulty vehicle to unnecessary jerk and keep it to move safe and smooth. Bills Mobile Hitch and Installation provides the option to purchase and on rent too. Yu can take it on rent or purchase in friendly budget.


It is used to tow the small vehicle with heavy trailer safe and secure. It is installed by professional to maintain the proper distance to move safely. A primary vehicle’s brake air jack valve is connected with the faulty vehicle which is produce extra safety. When a primary vehicle applies a brake in an emergency it provides the safety precautions to the faulty vehicle too and the result is that the faulty vehicle response to this and stop at that time.

8: Flat tow setup

Flat tow setup is the most common method which is used to tow the vehicle properly with high end safety level. Bills Mobile Hitch and Tow bar Installation is one of the best service providers in your town. We are not only providing services we offer tow system on rent and purchase too on a minimum cost. Our professional team will guide you about each of the tow system and its working and helping out to in the selection, which is best for your vehicle.


Flat tow system is one the basic tow system with extra safety level. It consists of the air jack vale which increase its safety level and provide the best results. It is installed by professional to maintain the proper distance and balance of the bars or rods which are helping out to pull the vehicle properly. Air jack valve which is connected with the faulty vehicle increase its safety level and produce maximum protection on the road.


Bills Mobile Hitch Tow bar and Installation is your final destination where you can get all type of tow services. When ever you stuck in the middle of your adventure due to your mechanically damage your vehicle, we are just a call away. Our expert team will entertain you and guide you about all type of our services which will help you to choose the best one for your vehicle. We are not only providing services, we offer the rental and buying option too.

Bills Mobile Hitch - FAQs

What is a flat tow installation, and why would I need it?

A flat tow installation allows you to tow a vehicle behind an RV or motorhome with all four wheels on the ground. It’s convenient for travelers who want to bring their vehicle along.

What types of tow bars are available, and how do I choose the right one?

Tow bars come in various types, including flat tow, A-frame, and more. The choice depends on your towing needs and the compatibility with your vehicle.

How can hitches benefit my towing experience?

Hitches provide a secure connection between your vehicle and trailers, ensuring stability and control during towing. They come in different styles to accommodate various towing setups.

What are air bags, and how do they improve towing performance?

Air bags are suspension enhancements that help level the vehicle when towing heavy loads, providing a smoother ride, better stability, and improved control.

What types of towing equipment do you provide?

We offer a wide range of towing equipment, including tow bars, hitches, braking systems, and more, designed to meet various towing needs.

How often should I service my braking system, and why is it important?

Regular brake system maintenance is crucial for safety. We recommend following your manufacturer’s guidelines for service intervals to ensure reliable braking performance.

Can you help me choose the right towing equipment for my specific needs?

Absolutely! Our experts are here to assess your requirements and provide personalized recommendations to ensure you have the right towing equipment for a safe and efficient towing experience.


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